Selling Process

You want to sell your home? Lets get together and talk about getting your house ready to sell. If you are selling and also plan to buy in CT you should also check out the Buying Process. I can do both for you. List your home and help you buy a house.

Here is a breakdown of the Selling process:

  1. Market Analysis: I will put together a market analysis so that we can accurately and reasonably price your home.

  2. Sign a Listing agreement with ME. All contracts can be easily signed electronically. So it is very convenient for everyone.

  3. Select a closing attorney so we can be ready when we get a buyer. Go to Recommended Attorneys if you don't have an attorney.

  4. Make your home as available to show as possible. You don't ever want to say no to a showing if you can help it.

  5. Review any offers that come in, negotiate & accept an offer.

  6. Buyer will then set up inspections and I will plan to be there to represent your interest. (Seller pays for pumping of the septic and with VA loans termite tests)

  7. Negotiate any repair request or repair as needed

  8. Make your home available for appraisal and maybe the buyers home owners insurance company. Both will need about 20-30 mins to view the home.
    I will plan to be there.

  9. Wait for commitment from the buyers lender as well as a Clear to Close

  10. Attorneys will set up closing

  11. Buyer will do a final walk through of the property before closing. Usually the evening before or the morning of.
    You will need to have all your things moved out.

  12. Closing. We will meet the attorney at closing. You will get your money and the buyer will get the keys.

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